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Thread: Minimum level for Cata profession alts?

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    Minimum level for Cata profession alts?

    In Wrath, you only needed your profession alts to be level 65 in order to train their profs to 450.

    Anyone hear how that's going to work in Cata? Will the minimum level required to max a profession go up by 5, to 70? Or something else?

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    I've heard level 75, but don't have an official source for that.

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    Thanks Erja, will keep an ear out and repost here too if I find anything on it.

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    I would assume 75 as well, however I wouldn't put it past Blizzard to make it mandatory to be level 80 to learn the new profession skills.

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    I was rather hoping it would be 70, since the current minimum level is 65 and the expansion is only increasing by 5 levels instead of 10. But I wouldn't be surprised if Bliz makes it 75 either.

    I've got a couple retired 70s from BC I use as profession alts, and am not really interested in setting them up for leveling another 5 levels. Rewriting macros, configuring my custom UI for new classes, and new gear for each ... ugh.

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