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Thread: Druid Gearing

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    Druid Gearing

    Hello again Tankspot, ive reached a dilema with my druid and can't seem to decide what piece of gear to get with my frosts, from what i heard i only need 2 pieces of t10 as a druid healer, this being the case, im stuck on whether or not keeping the 2 piece t9 bonus is worth it, i was thinking about possibly getting the t10 gloves and replacing my t9 gloves, or getting the trinket to replace my Je 'Tze's Bell http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...undra&cn=Fuggs theres the link for my toon, if you could help that would be great thanks

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    This was a dilema I experienced myself. From what you heard of the T10 piece bonus with two pieces equipped is by far a handy bonu to have especially if the raid is taking more damage then you would like them to. My opinion is to get the gloves and either the head piece or shoulders, what I did is I got the gloves and shoulders, and man did I see a huge difference in my healing. I suggest you don't get the trinket because the trinket you would want would be the one that Lord Marrowgar drops, Sliver of Pure Ice. If you have any more questions please let me know!
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