We are recruiting highly skilled players to help our serious push on H LK, H Halion,
and progression raiding in Cataclysm.

Fight of Elune is currently 11/12 HM in ICC25/10

Immediate need for Enhancement Shaman - Demo/Aff Warlock - Any other class/role that is performing in the top 1%

Raiding Schedule
Mon - 9p - 12am (EST) 6P - 9P (pacific)
Wed - 9p -12am (EST) 6P - 9P (pacific)
Thu - 9p - 12am (EST) 6P - 9P (pacific)

Applicants should be near fully geared from HICC.
You should have experience with each heroic fight.
All new applicants should carefully read through the stickied forum threads, and bring their A-games to raids.

About Fight

Fight is a guild (Gaming community) that has roots that stretch back over 12 years, this guild has been alive in one form or another in every Major MMO that has existed. We exist in WoW, and out of WoW, we have active members who have left WoW but remain a part of Fight, playing in different games,(Steam, SC2) and different systems.

If you are interested, please stop by our recruitment forums @ http://WWW.FIGHTGUILD.COM

In game contacts: Throrr, Vilnius, Mhil, or Jarsniffer
Throrr RealID: Hordesmostwantedgarrosh @yahoo.com

Thank you for your time, and we hope to see you soon in-game!