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Thread: [A-PVE] Emeritus - A two day a week raid guild

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    [A-PVE] Emeritus - A two day a week raid guild

    Emeritus is intended for folks that have a life, but treat WoW as a competitive hobby and not simply as relaxation. We raid twice a week only, attendance is mandatory and dedication, perseverance and patience are required.

    When we raid, we will raid as competitively as we can, with a regular and cohesive team of players. We will not baby sit raiders through encounters, nor wipe due to players not knowing basic things about their class or the boss.

    Emeritus Guild Charter


    Emeritus provides raid for players with a life that want to raid in a competetive setting.

    We will build a strong core in Northrend and get prepared to tackle Cataclysm head on!

    The Guild is meritocracy, and it is not a civic right to belong. Each member earns the priviledge to belong by living up to the mission, vision and values of the Guild in and outside of our raids.

    Core values

    The raiders drive and ambition is the key to our success
    Your raid performance is your responsibility. There is no excuse for being a bad player. Answers like "I don't know" or "It is not my fault" are useless. Know what you are doing and why. Don't wait to be told. Do your own research. Strive to be the best player and person you can be.
    We talk to each other, not about each other
    We are human, and fallible. If you get upset, sad or angry, talk to the person(s) involved. Don't gripe behind their back, and definitely don't remain silent.
    Show us, don't tell us
    If you are good, show us. Get the enchant now, not next week. Show us what you have done, not the hollow promises of what you will do. There is a fire in your heart and a passion for raiding. Let us see the results.
    We learn from our mistakes
    If you made a mistake, be happy. By telling us what happened, we can all avoid it the next time. Shifting blame onto others is worthless. Knowing what happened is priceless.
    We teach and learn, when necessary, as necessary
    Are you doing 20% less than another player in your class? Ask her for help and all can learn from it. Is that raider in the wrong spot? Send a friendly whisper. Did you find an awesome, add-on, build, video, tactic? Make a post on the forum and share what you know.
    We value and try to maintain a friendly atmosphere
    We raid for fun. Therefore, we try to maintain a friendly social atmosphere during our raids. When in doubt on how to address that person that just made a huge mistake, imagine (s)he is your best, but overly sensitive friend.
    Things take time
    Be patient. Plan for the long term in your gear, skill and raid plans. Progress is built upon wipes and time. Expecting results here and now only causes disappointment.

    Guild Page: www.emeritus-guild.eu
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