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Thread: The Weekly Marmot -- End of Expansion Raiding Options

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    The Weekly Marmot -- End of Expansion Raiding Options

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    I would like a Pepsi, thanks Lorry.

    My guild has been raiding together since BC and currently we are 11/12 in normal ICC, (strict 10man) and the prob we have if needing to fill a spot if finding someone that is up to par with gear or finding someone that is willing to stay strict 10man. We dont mind helping you gear up but its a pain when it cuts into progression time.

    As always a great marmot and thank you Lore for the time you take out of your day/week to put these out.

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    I don't know if it is just my server or a almost all servers but I cannot find anywhere to actually raid.

    I join countless of guilds and I get no good results but I am stuck with a gearscore that is frowned upon because I took a break and got in a few bad guilds. So now I am stuck at 5.8k gs and bad raiding guilds ): All I see is the opening chance of waiting until cataclysm but I still wanted to down the current content regardless of being first or last I still wanted to down it. ):!!!

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    Chances are if a guild is actually recruiting their core raiders based on gearscore, they're a fail guild.

    Like Lore said, there are many possible options to explore when it comes to getting into a raiding guild, but it's just hard right now. If I were looking for a guild right now, I'd probably look for one that has been around for quite some time. If that guild has gone through one or 2 expansions, then chances are they know how to cope with this winding down of raiding by now, but that's not guaranteed.

    Keep on trying, get some research done, really look into what guild is great for you. Gear, for the most part, shouldn't be too much of an issue right now since you can just completely blow through ICC with a good group of raiders.
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    I'll have a Ham and Mushroom with a tub of Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough.

    Anyway, I much, MUCH prefer this style of editing and the slightly trimmed down version of the Weekly Marmot. Not that I don't find you interesting, but the other style, you did tend to ramble a bit :P

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    ill have a Rye and Coke.

    Another option would to be to ditch progression raiding at this point in time all together, At this point most guilds have gotten there kingslayer titles and have really stopped caring about even running ICC 10 anymore!

    What ive been doing recently! Getting achievments/old raid hardmodes and drakes)

    This is a good time in WoW to catch up on things you missed out on before ex: Alagon, Glory of the Hero!

    I recently got my Glory of the Hero achv, that ive been slacking on since it was released! But its better to get these things before the expansion comes out and there gone!

    Just a suggestion!

    Also another thing you can do is Run ZG every 3 days and try to get the mount before ZG Disappears!

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    The biggest issue with "moving up" in the world at this point of the expansion is that most people who are "up" are burned out and are generally OK with letting the expansion die a slow death. That fight that you are pining to do b/c you've never downed it is the same fight that everyone else is sick to death of. Many of these guilds are just plainly going into hibernation mode, which is different that "falling apart."

    Hibernation mode is when the core 20 members just decide that killing 11/12 HM for the 20th time just isn't all that much fun anymore, and teaching the 5 new guys the first few phases of LK:HM just to get back to the point where you were before just isn't worth it. At this point some of the core 20 will want to hang up the shoes till next xpac, a few will quit the game, and the non-burned out "new 5" will jet for another guild who hasn't reached this point yet. The core will keep in touch via forums and odd alt runs now and again, but in essence, no real raiding is taking place.

    When Cata hits, these guilds will rise from their slumber, grab 5-7 warm bodies, and hit up the new raids.

    I think, honestly, starting your own guild really is the best option for what you want, even if it is a load of work. With this scenario, you can get some of the "new 5" that just left that established guild after they've gone into hibernation. They still have a desire to raid and see content, and they are quality players. If you can get enough of these folks, you may end up being successful, and heck, even start an established guild of your own.

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    this is compounded by the 30% buff. it's really hard to distinguish good guilds from bad ones that may have some good players in it. apparently there's a huge gap between 9/12 HM and 11/12 HM guilds. a lot of bad things that never would've worked (especially leadership wise) all of the sudden get by and there's no reason to change it because hey look you are 9/12 HM... so successful right? you have to almost get lucky or manage to get in a guild that's been farming HMs for quite a while. also just not raiding and leveling an alt or running in GDKP's are also good options.
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    Short of forming your own guild:

    a) Existing guilds can form alliances with other guilds to pool their non-slumbering raiders with alts and new folks.

    b) Set up regular raiding times, and "recruit" people and alts that are in the same boat, but don't want to leave their guilds. There are going to be a lot of those. (While raid-leading is still a lot of work, it is a lot less than Guild-leading.)

    For either option, make it clear that you're only scheduling until Cataclysm hits. You may still have to PUG a few spots, but if your announcement includes some of those facts, it will stand out. The first runs with PUGs may be bumpy, but invite the keepers plus the rest of your core team via calendar, and you'll have less spaces to fill the next time.

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