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Thread: [Horde] Edgeplay is recruiting for Cataclysm

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    [Horde] Edgeplay is recruiting for Cataclysm


    Edgeplay Recruitment

    With Wrath of the Lich King expansion drawing to an end Edgeplay is setting up our roster for the upcoming Cataclysm.
    Edgeplay is newly reformed guild coming from the Core team of Extinction EU, we have recently moved server from Thunderhorn EU to Stormscale EU, and is fusing up before the next expansion.
    To put it simple we are looking for quality players with high passion for raiding and progression and who have the both the drive and skill to do so.
    Our goal for Cataclysm is too be competitive in raid progression while not having to raid 40hours a week. Our main focus will be on 25man content but will look into 10mans as well depending on who the lockout will work in the final release.
    We seek all classes and spec at this point and are open to all levels of experience in endgame raiding; however a solid raiding history is a major plus to have.
    If applying you should be at least 18years of age and be in control of your own game time, we have a mature yet fun loving community and if you are easily affected by sexual, racial or political jokes you should not apply to the guild, we do not feel that it’s our duty to police of what jokes our members tell each other and you should be able to take that you might be the victim of the day. We play to have fun but do require that you stick by the rules of the guild and show respect for the guild leadership.
    Having a good attitude is crucial; we are quick to remove members who do not show commitment to the guild or being a problem to the guilds progression.

    Raid Schedule
    As of this time we do not have a set raid week but you should be expecting to raid in the hours from 7pm to 11pm on week nights and 8pm to midnight on weekends with a total of 12-16hours per week. Once we get near a full roster and the release of the expansion a steady schedule will be set up that all raiding member will have the opportunity to be a part of deciding.
    We will be using a EPGP system to handle our loot, this is to insure that loot is given out fairly across the team but also to make sure that people who work more for it gets it, even with the numbers being solid you should not expect to get loot if you only show up for farm nights and not progression nights and should in that case not apply to the guild to begin with. All new members are giving a start pool of 1500EP and 300GP and the weekly decay is 5%.
    If you are new to the EPGP system and are not sure on how it works please feel free to ask, but basically it determent loot on how much Effort(EP) you put in to the guild and how much Gear(GP) you have gotten.

    Do not apply if
    You do not a solid understanding on how to play your class/role and are unable to corp. with class changes.
    You mouse click your spell/abilities and/or keyboard turn
    You can’t commit to a raid and likes to leave halfway
    You are unable to respect that you’re not only using up your own time with long afk´s
    You like to cause drama with posts in public channels or ninja loot in pugs (ninja´ing is a instant guild kick regardless of your rank, role or time you been a member)

    While your application is being reviewed you should
    Make sure that you log out in the gear that your application indicates.
    Not try to contact members on either this site or in-game for information about your application process.

    If we sound like we can provide the values you are looking and you and provide the attitude and performance we are looking for, please fill out the application form on our website


    Take some time to fill this out if you do not take your application serious nether will we.
    Best of luck from


    for more info contact


    Best of luck from

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