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Thread: help a bear go feline

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    help a bear go feline

    So here's the thing, I have an 80 bear tank and she is great, but sometimes I feel i should duel spec and have some kitty fun. My problem is I am always running out of rage. Does anyone have any good rotation suggestions to get the most dps for my rage? I don't want to quit tanking but sometimes raids already have their tanks and I still wanna go. Thanks!

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    You should probably not be using rage for cat abilities. Try energy. It works better.

    Seriously, the cat rotation is one of the hardest ones to manage well. There's no set rotation. You have a set of priorities:
    Keep savage roar up
    Keep rake up
    Keep rip up
    Then shred

    Berserk when you have 70+ energy
    Tiger's Fury when you're low on energy
    Pool energy if things are about to run out at the same time

    Energy management for cats isn't about hitting htings as soon as you can; the best cats wait.

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