<Flasks For Trash> is recruiting healers, especially tank healers!
(We are also accepting applications for melee dps. Ranged dps and tanks are currently full, but we will not turn away strong applicants and/or family members and friends who may come with the main applicant)

The ideal candidate(s) should have experience tank healing and be geared enough to enter ICC (minimum 2400 wow-heroes score with appropriate gems/enchants). ICC Heroic experience is preferred, but not required. Tank healing experience does NOT need to be from ICC, but it should be from Wrath raiding. Our healing team is very coordinated and works well together, but we're missing this key element to really make a stealer team. If you enjoy the game enough to consider it more of a hobby and less of a "game", this is the right guild to consider.

Raiding Details:
* 25-man and 10-man ICC run during the week
* 8/12 Regular (25-man); 8/12 Heroic* (10-man)
* Raid Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 8pm - 11pm Server Time
* Must have Deadly Boss Mods and Ventrillo (Pally Power for Paladins)
* Discounted flasks, gems, enchants, etc from the guild bank

Other Perks:
* Website with raid signups and forums
* Guild-funded repairs during progression raids
* Plenty of leveling characters to help with queue times
* Active, friendly players to help as needed
* Fun, laid-back guild who still values progression
* Family-Friendly guild! (We love married couples and family raidiers)

If you are interested in learning more about our guild, please visit our website (flasksfortrash.com) or email Serendipitee at admin@flasksfortrash.com.

*Completed Hard Modes:
Blood Princes
Blood Queen