About Helix
Helix is located on Hellscream server ( US-Alliance-PvE-CST ) dedicated to end-game raiding. We are currently progressing through Icecrown 25-man Hard Modes. We are dedicated to PVE progression. Every single decision that we make is devoted to the idea that progression comes first. We raid on a 3 day raiding schedule, which is less than other guilds, so we tend to try to do as much in those 3 days as we can.

The chemistry of our raiding core is paramount. We are also seeking team orientated players who understand that it's often necessary to put Guild needs before the individual's needs. Our guilds cohesion is taken seriously, and we believe it's one of the most important forces behind our guild's progression. That being said, the ability to work together is more important than anything.

Above all, we like to keep in mind that World of Warcraft is a game and its intention is to be a nice distraction from RL. Helix is a fun guild with a positive attitude. Its members reflect this and applications should remember this, as well.

If you're looking for a guild that is knowledgeable and skilled enough to see truly end-game level content, but does so with a more casual raiding schedule and atmosphere, Helix might be the guild for you and we encourage you to apply!

Recruitment Status:
Shadow/Holy Priest
ALL Spec's of Druid.
Arcane/Fire Mage
Enhancement Shaman

(ANY other class that may be interested we suggest to apply. We make quite a few exceptions for people!)

Raid Times/Days

Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday -- Invites are at 6:30pm and we raid from 7:00pm to 11:00pm (CST). This is rare but on some progression nights we will stay a little longer in order to push for that particular boss. We do optional 10 mans on our off-nights, usually Wednesday and Monday. These runs are very important to us as they help us to learn the current raiding content as well as gear towards it.

Acceptance to guild:

Upon joining, new members will go through a trial period of no less then two weeks in which we evaluate your overall performance. During this time you will be eligible for loot but don't come to raids expecting it. If you accept criticism in a mature manner, listen and follow instructions to the best of your ability, perform your best in your role, and attend our scheduled raid days on time, you have nothing to worry about.

Expectations upon joining:

Our expectations are pretty straightforward and outlined in our guild charter. We look for standard things from raiders as any guild would. Please see our guild charter at http://helixofhellscream.guildzilla....sts&tid=189532

Loot system:

Loot Council System. There are several factors that come into play which influence the decisions of council members AND officers.. These factors include but are not limited to: quality of upgrade, recent items looted, recent attendance, raid performance, and incumbency. Guild progression, however, is #1 when it comes to distributing loot.

Helix Council and Officers:
Rakunvar-Raid Lead/Council
Nalvar-GM/Healing Officer
Markus-Tank Lead/Council
Evnik, Onicheawah, Petraeus, Anina-Officer's

~Helix is a guild made up primarily of young adults 18 and over. Our atmosphere is what you might expect from that environment. If you have strong objections to mature language and topics of conversations that don't belong in "polite" company please do not apply. In addition, while we don't bar those under 18 from applying, we expect a level of maturity from our few raiders who do fall under that category.~

If you've read all of this and feel that Helix may be the guild for you, we encourage you to apply. You can do so at our website, www.HelixofHellscream.guildzilla.com.
Thank you for your time!