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Thread: Best Raiding DK Tank Spec? (Questions)

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    Best Raiding DK Tank Spec? (Questions)

    Hey there new to the forums, but have been a long time user of tank spot for strats for raiding etc.

    Ive been a DK Tank Ever since i got my DK to 80 and have been enjoying it alot, i kinda made my tanking spec up out of my own mind because i couldnt find any diffinitive answers about what was thee "Best" spec to tank with for raiding as a DK!


    That is my armory link and the current tanking spec i use (Which is blood)

    Is there anything wrong with that spec? Can anyone give me some tips or point me in the direction to thee best Raid tank spec?

    On a side note i dont seem to have any problems with threat or staying alive in this spec i currently use, but having made the spec outta my own mind i tend to think it may be flawed and wrong and i make not be getting the full potential out of my DK Tank!
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    Extremely cookie cutter, nothing 'wrong' with it per se. If you're truly focused on ICC you can drop morbidity and sudden doom for rune tap/imp rune tap, morbidity is pretty clutch quality of life for AEing stuff but there's very little relevant AE in icecrown, as in none, so it's kind of a waste for the bosses. That's nitpicky though.

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    Aye, your spec looks fine. *If* you choose to drop points from SoB, Sudden Doom, and/or Morbidity (and that would be my priority order for dropping points) to pick up Rune Tap you *could* get value. That you don't have it, of course, means you are not likely used to using it? So it could take some practice and reflex development. It would not be a waste since you have no threat problems.

    I'm the last person you want to ask about the "best," as I will be infuriatingly evasive and non-committal since I am a firm believer that the effect of the player and your group will far out-weigh your spec. The best spec for you won't be the same as the best spec for someone else. If you want popular opinion though? Blood is generally considered the best tank spec (largely for its investment in health values and rewards for stacking health, and for the self-healing effectively making it appear as if you are taking less damage). Next to that, Frost is popular, but more often for specific fights or for people who just think it vibes better with them. Unholy is generally disparaged in ICC, though there are people who are using it effectively and enjoying it.
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    As a personal example, I was Unholy for a very long time and even after I decided that Blood would outdo it quite a bit in staying power - and I <3 the selfhealing, being a healer main - I kept it because my raid was usually utterly stumped for CoE.

    As a whole, the raid was just better off with the 4 casters having the 13% magic debuff than with me having more staying power - as we were fine on the survival end.
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