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Thread: [(A) Icecrown 6-10pm MST] ►Talisman◄ Halion25HM Down! LKHM25 - Join Us!

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    [(A) Icecrown 6-10pm MST] ►Talisman◄ Halion25HM Down! LKHM25 - Join Us!

    Are you a competent, dedicated, experienced raider looking for a guild home amongst like-minded people who remain committed to finish current content and look forward to the future of this game? If so, then you should consider joining Talisman.

    Talisman is a progression focused, community-based PVE guild on the Icecrown-US server that has existed for just over 10 years. In ICC, we have our mounts, we have killed Lich King 10HM and continue to work on 25HM. Halion 25HM Down! Raiding only 3 days a week, we really value our time. We will often push to beat our old clear times and focus on completing achievements once the content has been learned. We keep a small, tight-knit roster, and never recruit "for the bench". For this to work, we encourage our members to fill multiple roles in the raids through off-specs and different gear sets.

    We offer all Talisman applicants and members some awesome benefits...

    * Easy Raid Schedule (3 days: T-Th, 6pm-10pm MST - that's 8-12 EST)
    * ALL pots, flasks, food, and repair bills covered 100% for all raiding
    * Enchants covered by Guild Bank
    * Low key, mature minded group of competent raiders still raiding when other guilds are suffering pre-xPac apathy
    * Ability to raid ICC HM content for plenty of upgrades

    Our current progress can be tracked here: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/icecrown/Talisman

    To be considered you must have the best gear available to you, experience with the current content, a positive attitude and a schedule that will allow you to participate in nearly 100% of our raids.

    We are currently considering exceptional players of the following classes:

    * 1 Frost Death Knight
    * 1 Unholy Death Knight
    * 1 Moonkin
    * 1 DPS Warrior

    All applications are confidential. If you wish to apply, please complete our application form at http://www.talisman-wow.com/forums/ and email it to us at talisapps@gmail.com. We will usually reply within 1-2 days of submitting the application. Please give us time to properly review it.

    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact LyrÓc, Florona or Mangroas via email at talisapp@gmail.com. We wish you the best of luck with your application.
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