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Thread: World of Logs Warrior Parse Review - What a Fury Warrior would look for

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    World of Logs Warrior Parse Review - What a Fury Warrior would look for

    After posting some parse reviews in the Halp section for people I had some PMs asking about how to use WoL to look at that kind of thing. I thought I would make a thread here with some general info on what a Fury Warrior would look at in a WoL parse to see how they did on ability usage.

    World of Logs parse records Bloodsurge !slam procs so you can see exactly how many procs someone got and then looking at their ability usage see how many they used. From the main parse page you would:

    Mouse over the "Dashboard" link and click "Damage Done" from the dropdown list

    Mouse over the "Full Report" link, hover over the "Kills" pop-up and then click the particular boss kill you want to review

    Find the player you are interested in from the DPS results and click their name

    Click the "Buffs Gained" tab and look down the list for "Slam!" and note the number in the "Amount" column. That is how many instant slam procs from Bloodsurge they got.

    Click the "Damage by Spell" tab and look at the ability usage:
    - Whirlwind, Bloodthirst and Slam are the 3 you are interested in for a Fury Warrior.
    - Add the "# Hits" column to the "# Crits" column (plus any blocks, misses, etc) for each ability to get the total ability usage. So in this example I had 17 hits and 20 crits for BT it would be a total ability usage of 37 BTs.

    Possible ability usage is based on fight duration / ability cooldown time for WW/BT. That is why you would look at the fight duration in seconds. You would never have 100% usage since you push back WW/BT by .5 seconds for slam procs however it gives you a general idea of what you should be close to.

    So for example glyphed WW is 8 sec cooldown and BT is 4 second cooldown so in a 3 minute fight (180 seconds) you would be looking at 22 possible WWs (180/8) and 45 possible BTs (180/4). With good Bloodsurge instant slam proc usage you would be looking at about 18-20 WWs (this refers to single target boss, hit #'s are obviously skewed if 1 WW hits multiple targets like my picture above hitting Saurfang ads) and somewhere around 40 BTs.

    The other thing that a Fury Warrior should be aware of is cooldown usage which is on the "Buffs Gained" tab. Look down the list for "Death Wish", "Recklessness", "Blood Fury" if you are an orc, and "Speed" potions. If you are getting outside help you could also look at "Tricks of the Trade" from rogues and "Hysteria" from DKs if you got any to boost your numbers.
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