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Thread: Advice for My Holy Pally On gear spec gems.

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    Advice for My Holy Pally On gear spec gems.

    Hi guys

    Mumadin from auchindoun

    Is my char,
    I enjoy playing a pve holy pally love the drama and excitement with my massive heals, yes I am the over healing Queen but.... at least poeple dont die on my watch!!

    Anyway have u guys got any suggestions as to spec build, gems or enchantments for my pally?

    and if you suggestions are regarding talent changes why and how will it effect my healing ... ?

    I normally play in a 10 man group with 2 other pallys (prot and retri) and a healing shammy and druid.
    Anyway any advice will be greatfully recieved

    Mumadin (yes i am a female so be kind)

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    hai there!

    few pointers from my side (been playing a holy pala throughout WotLK):

    dump the 2 points in Blessed Life - you shouldn't be taking damage as a healer and the points are better spent in 2/2 Divine Guardian (greater raid survivability) or Benediction (improved mana efficiencies).

    aside from that your points look good for a fairly standard HL-Spam spec.

    running the aforementioned spec, your job is to pretty much push out as many big heals as possible throughout the fight. the two main ways to increase this are a bigger mana pool (stack Int to the max) or faster cast speed (haste).

    let's assume that you're running primarily ICC so you're avec the 30% healing buff - gemming for any spellpower with this buff is wasteful. you're just gonna increase your overhealing when those 30k+ HL's are landing.

    the rest depends on a) what content you are running and b) your raid setup.

    1 - are you doing HM's?
    2 - who are your usual healing compadres (how many and what class / spec)?

    based on the above you want to find a nice balance between haste and mp5. only go down the mp5 route if you're deep into the HM's and you find that you are going OOM on fights.

    in which case - haste is really where you want to target (but not necessarily by gemming, just aim for it on gear upgrades / sidegrades). you should aim for about 680 haste as an unbuffed baseline - this will reduce your FoL's to 1s cast when raid buffed. Any more haste will not reduce your FoL cast but it WILL reduce your Holy Light cast time.

    quick note on gear - dump that trink. it blows for pala's. get the 245 emblem one (talisman of resurgence) as a replacement.

    so, as a rule-of-thumb summary:

    - in a HL-Spam spec gem only for Int (once Meta is activated)
    - get 'softcapped' with haste to 680
    - forget crit, it will come naturally on some gear but since the illumination nerf it's not worth pursuing
    - forget spellpower, again it will come naturally with gear
    - if you're going OOM on fights then get some MP5 gear
    - if not then get haste gear to push your HL's down to 1.2 / 1.3s cast time

    think that's about it - if you have any further questions just let me know.

    oh, and here's a link to my armory profile: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...gand&gn=Origin

    - DW
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    thanks for the advice!
    I will look into it asap

    Yes i am running ICC and gonna start on HM soon.
    The other healers are shammy and druid who are reasonably gear.

    WE as a team work well together we do not have solo assignment to raid members

    we all help out each other
    while i focus on tanks but help out with the raid.
    they focus on the raid whilst helping out on the tanks, it has worked well for us and we understand each others ability and listern out for OOM shouts over vent and step it up accordingly. TBH thats dosent happen often.

    ANyway will regig my talents thanks x

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    please read the rules before posting.

    we have a HALP! forum specifically for these types of personal armory lookups.


    READ THIS: Posting & Chat Rules
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    i have a pally tank that i duel spec'd into a healer recently. although i am a fast learner and already have a healer/dps druid i really would like some advise on the rotation of the pally healer as say a tank healer only due to i have not done any raid healing with the pally yet due to the newness of it.

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