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Thread: Holy Priest - Haste vs. 4-piece T10

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    Holy Priest - Haste vs. 4-piece T10


    So right now I have the choice between Meteor Chaser's Raiment and H Bloodstained Surgeon's Shoulderguards or the 264 Sanctified Chest and Shoulders.

    Since the shoulders are so similar (the non-tier have an extra socket, but isame itemization so it's not a huge difference), I think it just comes down to the chestpieces. Here is the comparison.

    So, 108 haste and an extra socket, versus 100 spirit and a little crit and the 10% boost to CoH.

    I'm torn. 10% on my favorite AoE heal is a lot, but so is 108 haste (I'm low on haste, currently at 900-ish even with MCR on and a lot of haste gems). And the bonus can be largely overheal with the lol30% buff.

    What would you wear?

    If it helps you decide, I'm just coming back to WoW after a few months - my guild has progressed to 8/12 H 25 (I've never been past 10/12 reg 25, and H Lootship of course). I don't remember the exact healing comp, but we have two Holy Pallies and a Disc Priest for sure. The rest is a smattering of Resto Druids/Shammies - I know I'm the only Holy Priest in the guild atm. (I believe "smattering" is the technical term)

    I can't remember ever having mana issues, not since I got into 251/264 gear. And if I somehow do, there are Innervates available, and I have a few pieces that I can swap out - I have Dying Light gemmed with int, for example.

    Any other gear/spec/whatever advice is always welcome.

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    T10 always for priest.
    second bonus of T10 is a MUST for holy priest.
    (sorry for my terrible english)

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