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Thread: Need some gear advice. DK tank

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    Need some gear advice. DK tank

    Im close to enough frost emblems for next gear purchase, and im not sure what i should pick up, im getting close to my last picks, and i dont know if i should go for set bonuses or not.

    And on a seperate note, my main hand weap is from 25m ony, i do have 2x nighttimes, am i better off with the ony sword in mh or another nighttime. i dont ever have threat issues, i keep the nighttime in my bags for that reason but ive never needed to equip it, but the ony sword isnt terribly fast @2.00 and it has nice stam and a proc that stays up quite a bit.

    thanks for the help!!

    armory link http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...une&cn=Effindk

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    I think with regards to tier vs off set, if you feel you have reasonable access to the 264 token, then tier might be an option. But if you think you'll be stuck at the 251 level then the off set is the way to go... 264 legs, chest, gloves buyable with emblems or gold and 277 shoulders from 25 man loot ship.

    It's not until the 277 token that there is a real clear cut win for tier in a lot of cases.

    As for the sword, if you don't have threat issues with it mh it's a nice proc... Might even be ok in off hand despite the proc chance reduction just because it has such a good proc rate to start with

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    Im not a fan of DW tanking as a DK, I'm a blood tank and even before when I was frost, I used a 2H.

    Id suggest dropping both for a better 2H weapon.


    If you do plan on keeping the DW setup you REALLY need to get Expertise capped. Your sitting at 23 which is 3 points below acceptable. The reason you want to be EXP. soft capped is due to parry haste. When you are parried the mob / boss (if they have parry haste turned on) the mob / boss gains parry haste which speeds up the haste of the next attack by 40% (Halion, Lady Death whisper, Sindragosa). That being said if your swinging 20% faster and getting parried more often your speeding up the dmg done to you in essence.

    This is just food for thought and I'm not going to do the math on 23% expertise but get to 26% or above. This is especially a big deal in anything outside of ICC since the parry haste is "turned on" in most cases. I'm not 100% sure but I tend to believe that the trash in ICC does have parry haste turned on.

    As far as the gear, I agree with the above poster.

    Just get more Expertise. =P



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    the slower weapon goes in MH

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