Are you an adult with limited schedule? Do you have to be up early for your job/school/career? Do you want to experience end game content on your terms? Would you like to achieve character titles? If so, read on -

We are seeking players that are raid-experienced, understand that standing in fire is bad, and learn from their mistakes. What we offer is a fun but serious approach to raiding- meaning trash is fine for chit chat, but boss fights are 110% focus, as well as a stable organized guild environment. There’s no yelling over vent- this is an adult oriented guild – and our members are 18+. Gear, at this point in the game, is an easy obstacle to overcome as long as the player puts forth some effort to obtain it. This guild "carries" no one. We are looking for players to finish off ICC and its hard modes with, work on Ruby Sanctum's HM, and sail into Cataclysm and the challenges it will bring. We're looking for solid community members to join our ranks.

We do require a minimum attendance (please make sure you can make this schedule) and Ventrilo- with a working headset. All applicants should be knowledgeable in their class mechanics as well as have good situational awareness and survivability. We require the standard raid addons.

We are currently seeking:
1 Warlock

Any exceptional applicant is encouraged to apply.

About us:
No Quarter Given is an Alliance CST raiding guild on Eitrigg- PvE. We are mature minded group of players focused on progression, with a limited time schedule. We expect you to do your “raid homework”, and bring a hardcore type attitude, without the elitism that can stem from being successful. We recruit people, not just a raid spot. If you are looking for a mature adult guild, we may be your new home. We raid 12 hours a week, so we would prefer to stay focused, and not waste time. Vent and our forums are a happening place. We joke but when it's time to focus, we're paying attention 110%. We are a guild of transfers, coming together to form a solid community online and in-game. Raid slots aren't given- they are maintained based on performance/attendance. We will work with you if there are issues that need to be addressed.

Our Expectations (Common Sense Approach to Raiding):
-you come fully repaired to raid
-you bring your consumables
-you read the strats/watched the videos posted
-you are online 20 minutes before raid starts, and you're at the instance
-you are a mature adult
-you can afford repair bills if we spend the night wiping (aka progression)
-you aren't just looking to clear content, but to take it to the next level
-you are able to take constructive feedback

Raid Times:
Tues-Thurs 6:30 CST PM – 9:30 CST PM
Sun 6:30 CST PM – 9:30 CST PM

Signups are required and via our website. Two to three week initiate phase (this means you raid a full two weeks before promotion). Loot System is EPGP with a flat GP rate, completely tracked & outlined on our website. Invites start at 6:10 CST PM.

Nax 25/ OS+3D/EoE 25 clear pre 3.1 - Titles/Achievements

Ulduar 25 13/14 (lots of achievements; Heartbreakter, FL+4, IC-Medium)
VoA 4/4
ToC25 - 5/5
ICC 25 12/12
ICC H 10 7/12
ICC H 25 8/12 ***New! DBS, Festergut, and Dreamwalker kill added!***
ICC 25 Achievements 8/13
RS 4/4

You can /who No Quarter Given and whisper any guild member- we’ll be happy to answer your questions. We do require a Ventrilo interview and formal application via our website. If you have further questions, feel free to send me an email at

NQG Recruitment

IN Game Contact:
Any officer can assist you:
Azmina, Firethunder, Sarifen, Onyxtotemz - if you don't see these characters online, do a /who No Quarter Given and ask someone to point you in the direction of an officer.