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Thread: [Rogue][pvp] Rupture - mutilate PVP spec

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    [Rogue][pvp] Rupture - mutilate PVP spec

    the Proposed spec: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#f0efoj...hZebfbh0zb:Tfi

    The mission:
    * tackle plate users in BG's
    * Maximize damage on targets that blink/teleport/or otherwise escape

    The plan:
    * Hopefully open with garrote
    * mutilate into 4 cp (pray for crit)
    * envenom (energy refund from relentless strikes + focused attacks + a possible invigorate buff from heartpiece will make the next move available) [and many BG targets don't realize they are under rogue attack until 2-3 seconds into the fight, making garrote and non-stunlock a ok move]
    * mutilate (x1 if lucky, gouge/dismantle to avoid getting splattered)
    * rupture on 4+ points.
    * run 4 it and wait for tiks to work their magic / restealth / regular stunlock [luck permitting]

    Anyone tried rupture/mutilate pvp spec? and with what results ?

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    Wee update, after a few hours in BG's I find the spec works ok.

    But that doesn't prevent me from being globaled from 100 to 0 on 2v1 encounters and paladins are [still] a pain

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    The spec is ok in my opinion, I just don't think the dots are very significant without your auto-atacks at the same time so I preffer to stick to the regular and just envenom instead of rupture, the damage will be the same or higher because its magical damage and doesn't suffer armor penality either.

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