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Thread: mmmmmm..... Shockadin

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    mmmmmm..... Shockadin

    So I've been wanting to make a Shockadin since I saw one of our Guildmates spec for his at level 60 and pulled about 1k dps o.O Of coarse, burst damage, but hey at level 60, that's got some potential..... So I decided to drop my raw Ret DPS spec and try it out, my talents are fairly mix matched, made a pretty made screw up this morning respeccing again and put some points into Divine Strength for some stupid reason - totally forgetting I don't HAVE Strength.... Probally cause I saw that Attack Power contributes to most of my spells so I probally thought it was a good idea, but no. Anyways, I'm heading for a 31/0/40 spec to maximize my dps mainly to see how well I could do in PvE enviroment, then eventually work at PvP once I get the dps down pat. My main problem is I'm only pulling 1.5k dps..... The crit of 6k using Divine Favor, trinkets, Avenging Wrath and Aura Mastery (for some reason I threw it in there so I don't have any problems while my wings are up). Currently I don't have the greatest gear...... about a 4k gs - and missing a Libram. About 1450 SP..... I wouldn't mind some advice on talents and proper execution to maximize my dps. TBH I thought this could pull massive DPS with full T9 gear (not using my Frosties - I've changed my MS to Prot). Help is greatly appreciated, I'd like to get this going and pumping the hits

    However, if I understand correctly mp5 and Spirit is essential to keep my mana levels up - any thoughts on that?

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    I'm afraid Shockadin has been a dead spec for a long time now. I don't think you're going to get much mileage out of it, no matter how hard you try.

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    I've been curious about this as well, but all I keep hearing is that shockadins, at best, are a niche PVP spec. Personally, I'm mildly interested in the grotesque abhorrence that is leveling a pally to try a shockadin in 2s or 3s with a pair of other healing classes just to throw off the burn. On the bright side, Mudd.. from what I've seen from 4k geared retardins, you're not too far behind in DPS as a shockadin.
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