I'm interested in what the Icecrown NPCs wear for armor.

What I'm really looking at is stacking armor penetration vs. stacking Something Else, for a fury warrior, a rogue, a hunter and a warlock.

Stacking armor penetration only appears to be a viable strategy against heavily armored NPCs, and then it's worth quite a bit.

However, hitting something with no armor makes it worthless, and for that reason I'm considering carrying two sets of armor, one Armor Penetration and one Something Else.

This is going to lead to dual speccing the DPS toons, which brings up another branch of discussion: for straight DPS classes, is there a spec that does better coupled with Armor Penetration?

So I'm looking, to start with, for the amounts of armor worn by NPCs in Icecrown, and I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Your comments are invited.