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Thread: Fury Warrior - Need help tweaking for better dps

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    Fury Warrior - Need help tweaking for better dps


    While my dps is ok, it isn't what I think it could be. Buffed with Kings and food buff in ICC I can do upwards of 7k. I have seen other Fury warriors do upwards of 10-11k. I use a standard rotation BT-BT-WW, Slam when procced, HS when rage over 60.

    I thought maybe someone might be able to look over my gear, trinkets, gems and give me some tips.

    Should I gem more for hit or just stay with strength? My ArP with NES is over 1400.

    I just need some help and advice on tweaking so I can do better dps.


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    a Few Flags are thrown up

    #1 Over hit cap, and Gemmed for hit, Hit cap is 164 rating(5%) you can get rid of all your hit gems and still be over hit cap
    #2 Over Expertise cap, and gemmed for Expertise, get rid of that expertise gem
    #3 Improper enchant on your boots, get cat's swiftness
    #4 You have a Dragon's Eye, change your meta to AGI/crit bonus
    #5 Change your Cloak to the AGI Frost badge Cloak, with the expertise you have it's much much better.
    #6 Your Stated Rotation Worries me BT -> Bt -> WW should be more like WW -> Bt -> Slam -> Wait -> BT -> Repeat

    you want to replace all your Expertise and Hit gems with 20 STR gems your ArP is Fine untill you get your gear up
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