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Thread: [A] KoT LF friendly, mature dps/heals for ICC25 heroics and Cata! [7 pm PST M/W/Th]

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    [A] KoT LF friendly, mature dps/heals for ICC25 heroics and Cata! [7 pm PST M/W/Th]

    Knights of Tranquility was formed in August 2005 on the Silver Hand server, with the belief that raiding should be a mature, fun, social experience. Our guild caters to older people with limited time to play, but who want to see content. We expect our guild members to be prepared for content, and to put forth their best effort, but we always remain respectful of the people behind the characters. We moved to The Scryers server in January 2007 in pursuit of a closer, more tight-knit server community.

    We are a group of fun-loving, hardworking individuals who raid to see new content, without spending 5 days a week raiding. We have a focused and dedicated raid core, but we don't treat raiding like a second job. Most of our players are over the age of 30 and have families/jobs, and we emphasize a positive, constructive approach towards improving gameplay. Our raid times are between 7:30 p.m.-10:30 p.m. PST Monday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

    Our approach to raiding is casual in the sense that we are always respectful of our members, and our member's time. We understand if people occasionally have to miss raids due to RL obligations. We never resort to insults or obscene language as a means of correcting mistakes. That being said, we do expect that people show up to raids that they sign up for, and are committed to putting forth their best effort. Our members often have responsibilities that limit the amount of time they have to play, so we make the best use of that time.

    14/14 Ulduar 10
    8/14 Ulduar 25
    5/5 ToC 10
    5/5 ToC 25
    5/5 ToGC 10 (Insanity)
    12/12 ICC 25
    3/12 ICC 25 (H)
    12/12 ICC 10
    9/12 10 ICC (H)
    RS 25

    Currently needed:
    1 resto shaman
    1 mage
    1 rogue
    1 demo warlock

    * Applicants should be in a mix of ICC 10/25 gear, properly gemmed/enchanted, and ready with consumables.
    * A solid understanding of your class, and well-read up on raid encounters.
    * Mature, sociable, easy to get along with, and will follow instructions.
    * Working Vent and have good latency/FPS.
    * Able to attend at least 2 out of 3 of the 25 man ICC raid nights.

    Any in-game questions should be directed to Mercurio or Renwald on the Scryers server.

    Fill out a guild application or check out our recent guild activity at: http://www.kotguild.org
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