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Thread: interface settings are messed up

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    interface settings are messed up

    hi there
    i want to know where i can find the correct settings for my tanking chars,
    i want to see how many stacks, ticks , dots, debuffs, are currently on the MT while OT
    or on the OT while MT, so i can taunt it at the correct time to cause a smooth tanking,
    perhaps link me addon if there is a decent one
    i search alot of sites , treid several UI but cant find it, is there someone who can explain it to me, because im hopeless without it

    regards M8

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    I use a combination of grid, gridstatusraiddebuff and dxe. This way you can look at grid and see who has how many stacks of the important debuffs, and through dxe you can see how much time is left until the next debuff is applied.

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    There are a couple of complementary ways to do this. Grid and GridStatusRaidDebuff are an excellent combination (although I'm sure VuhDo and Healbot can be set up to show the same information), e.g.


    The paladin on the second from right frame has Burning Bile, and it has 14 seconds left on it (best example I could find, I didn't have a screenshot of a stacking debuff with a duration, such as Impale).

    A target of target (ToT) frame with prominent debuffs shown is also useful, particularly for tank switches (e.g. Saurfang), e.g.


    Where that's my unit frame on the left, target of target in the middle (unfortunately the only debuff on the ToT is Chill of the Throne, but it illustrates the point - other debuffs would show there nice and large) and my target is on the right. Any unit frame addon can be set up in this manner. A Focus frame which you have manually set would serve the same purpose.

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    want to see how many stacks, ticks , dots, debuffs ....so i can taunt it at the correct time to cause a smooth tankin
    You will find DBM monitoring stuff on the tanks.

    Look in chat for things like:

    Tank is afflicted by "Bad debuff" (2)
    Tank is afflicted by "Bad debuff" (3)

    Just be careful on DMB warnings and you'll be fine.

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