Who we are:
<aus> is a progression minded semi hardcore raiding guild. We have 1 core 25 man raiding group running on a weekend schedule to accomodate for our mix of Aussie, US and Asian time zone players. Our guild is built around a social atmosphere and our members are talented, close knit and and take progression seriously.

We're currently looking to push as far as we can into heroic ICC before the upcoming release of Cataclysm. Our goal is to have serious attempts at Lich King heroic before we move on to start leveling again for Cata raids.

Currently recruiting:
1x Warlock w/ a demo spec.
1x Hunter.
1x Mage.
1x Protadin (dps off spec a plus).

All exceptional applicants always be considered even if your class is not posted above!

Current progression:
ICC 10: 12/12(n), 11/12(h).
ICC 25: 12/12(n), 9/12(h).

Raid times:
Our core 25 raid takes place 2 days a week:
Friday 630-1130pm server (1130am-430pm AEST Saturday).
Saturday 7pm-12am server (12n-5pm AEST Sunday).
10 hours of raiding per week.
(Above times are for first pull. Invites for raids officially start half hour before go time).

Our 10 man groups are split between Aussie and US timezones during weekdays and there's 1 dedicated group working on heroic clears (this will change during Cata when our focus will be 25 raids).

Interested applicants should:
- Spec accordingly for the role you're apping to.
- Have minimum ilvl 264+ on 3/4 gear slots.
- High level gems and chants on all pieces (epic gems, no slack chants).
- Maintain 80% weekend attendance.
- Be able to follow direction.
- Have a good internet connection.
- Be a team player with a positive attitude.
- Want to progress and accomplish new things.
- Have vent and mandatory mods installed.
- Come prepared.

If this sounds like you, post up an app or speak to any officer in game. Apply here: http://www.ausguild.org/phpBB2 (Note, you'll need to sign up for forum access to post your app).

Important note:
Currently experiencing forum issues, so anyone wishing to post an app will need to do so not using the "%" sign or any diacritics (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diacritic). This is temporary until we sort whats causing the error.