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Thread: Looking for concise fury advice!

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    Looking for concise fury advice!

    My warrior has progressed nicely thanks inpart largely to the folks here that share valid on point advice with everyone. Much appreciated and you all know who you are! That being said I have been kinda stalled out trinket wise on my fury warrior (Vtskunk/azshara/5.4 fury warrior), and as such mirror of truth and nes currenly equipped leave me thirsting for more. Are there any trinkets available to me other than banner of victory that are attainable reasonably? I asked around my server for the darkmoon card greatness, lol i digress i didnt have the 5k gold required for it to be mine! Any and all advice is welcomed please and thankyou.

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    #1: Sharpened Twilight Scale (25m Ruby Sanctum - hard to get)
    #2: Deathbringer's Will (25m Deathbringer Saurfang - hard to get)
    #3: Whispering Fanged Skull (10m Lady Deathwhisper)
    #4: Death's Choice (25m ToC Faction Champions)
    #5: Herkuml War Token (Buy it from Vendor with Frost Emblems)
    #6: Banner of Victory (Normal 5m ToC)
    #7: Dark Moon Card Greatness (Gold)

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