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Thread: Prot Pally & Prot Warrior alts - Gear Check

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    Prot Pally & Prot Warrior alts - Gear Check

    Looking for a few pairs of eyes to check over my gear and everything, I'm hopefully getting a new computer soon and will be able to raid and stuff again! (been away for a month or two)

    Paladin Armory

    Max EH set

    Threat set

    And sometimes I mix pieces from the two gear sets, i.e. mostly EH gear but with DPS weapon and libram, stuff like that. I'll probably have to gear a little more for threat when I begin raiding again, because over the past couple months my 96969 muscle memory has been deteriorating.

    And I use the rep ring for Holy (yes, I know I have a Ret spec right now, I will change it back when I get a good enough computer to do anything).


    Warrior Armory

    This one hasn't seen much raid time, and probably never will, but it never hurts to get some opinions and min/max a little bit.

    And yes I facerolled my Fury spec.

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    looks good to me. shield can get upgrade from HOR. boots can get the ICC crafted. im not sure if losing the defence gem in head will bring u below 540, if it doesnt, then mebbe slap in a 30 sta there.

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    For your prot warrior another easy upgrade is the neck from heroic HoR

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