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Thread: Elemental seeking advice

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    Elemental seeking advice

    Hello, I've been over at EJ for some time looking on different threads, and discussions regarding elemental. I just think my dmg is subpar for my gear. Maybe im in the wrong, Maybe im messing up my rotation, or maybe I went wrong on my gear/enchants/gems?

    Here's my rotation at the moment:
    EM - (troll racial)- FS - LvB - CL - LB - LB - LB -LB until LvB is availble again and redo. (CL is usually only in the rotation when my LB isnt hasted from more then my gear, and I only use one CL per rotation set, since LB yields higher dmg per cast on singletarget. CL is only to cover me into getting most casts to fit LvB into the 8sec window)

    Also if there's any tips on things I can sort on the fly, such as swapping a trinket you might think be falsly on my char.

    Here's my armory link aswell:

    Hoping to get some tips on this. I can also supply a UI screenshot if that would be of any help.

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    Just wondering (without checking anything), would EM/racial popped at LvB matter for the FS duration? Meaning you can get in another LvB before it runs out. Dunno about ele that much (enh/resto atm), but I always get mad at BL for messing my awesome Resto DPS, hence the idea :P
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    My ele shaman is only my alt, currently getting her built up to attend our alt 25 run. Aren't the tier gloves rather than the legs and the non tier legs from errm rot/fester 25 not better ?
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    Hi there! A good bit of advice might be to download RAWR for elesham it will give you an optimal reotation for your current haste!!

    now a few tips: always pop EM with LB, it has the longest cast and has the chance to overload thus making it the better choice. it will also then tick the buff onto the rest of that cycle and unto the Lvb at the start of the next possibly longer dependent on roation. I would recommend trying CL directly after LvB as it will give you an increase in DPS. I would also like to mention that from experience with my shamans current gear i find i get a higher dps even single target using 2 CL's per rotation when possible. Any question or if you would like to ridicule my advice you post back!

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