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Thread: Disc pvp gear/gems

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    Disc pvp gear/gems

    I dunno if this belong here or in pvp sub forum btw 0o

    Anyway, here the link to my armory: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Saurfang&n=Crovaxx[LINK]

    I dont got much exp in pvp gearing, so how should i gem exatly? i got no clue about spen (and why do i need spen since i can dispell enemies buffs 0o?) and hit caps, and if its better to go resi/sta or just resi gems. Also, what's the use for hit rating as a healer?

    Thx in advance
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    And here we go again, my Firefox crashed while typing the first draft of this post so let's go again:

    SPen: SPen is needed to remove or lower the chance of resists. There are several sources of resistance, yes there are buffs that are dispellable but there are also talents that increase resistances for some classes. You can indeed dispel these buffs but if your dispel resists you blew 500 mana into nothing and priests aren't the great mana managers, what you can't dispel is a mages resist talent or a warlock pets resist and a resisted fear can be game breaking (especially in your comp).

    Hit: The optimal amount of hit is 6% or 160 as an easy number. The minimum amount is 4%. A missing dispel costs you 500 mana, a missing fear is just as bad as a resisted one. You get the point.

    Usually you don't gem resilience at all but since you don't have the 1800 weaponry you miss out on 148 resilience from those. Should you get those gem for SP and haste.

    Change your back enchant to Spell Pen and either put a couple 25 SPen gems into blue sockets or put 12SP+13SPen into blue and red sockets until you get to anything over 100 SPen which is fine until you get 1800 wand.

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