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Thread: Fury Warrior Help

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    Fury Warrior Help

    Alright, so recently I started playing with my Warrior as fury again, and I remembered why I stopped playing him.

    No matter what I do, I can't seem to improve my DPS. In non-ICC raids, I pull about 5.5k in 10 man and about 6k in 25 man. I notice other people talking about their crits and damage in general, and none of my numbers are anywhere near that.

    Here is my armory, http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...her&cn=Darrith, anyone have any ideas of what I could be doing wrong?

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    Bump, would still love someone to take a quick look and give me any advice they can.

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    ArP. You're low.

    Head - get the 251 tier head

    Back - PvP cloak is CRAP. No str or Agility, only crit. Check Landsoul's, I wouldn't be surprised if ilvl 200 cloaks were better (it would be okay for tanking until you got something better, but it's junk, all PvP is, for PvE DPS except, maybe, a big wep upgrade)

    Chest, you realize you're using a +10 str/+15 sta gem to hit a +6 str bonus? So you're giving up strength for stamina. Bad to do in raids.

    You got the legs and feet crafted, I'd suggest the chest/wrist too. 264 Str Cloak is probably your biggest upgrade. Then probably the helm for the ArP and 2pc bonus and then shoulders or belt? Do you use Landsoul's? Very soon I think Banner of Victory (ToC5 N Farmable) will be an upgrade over grimtoll. Ask Landsoul's and you shall find the answer.

    I'm guessing you're waiting for a 2nd blade of culling? You can definately use frost upgrades, but I'm guessing first wave went to tank set? Gatechrasher's gauntlets are your off-set piece, eventually, but head/shoulders is best place to pick up the 2pc bonus.

    How tight is your rotation? I'm guessing 85% of your problem is your rotation is not tight enough.
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