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Thread: Requesting an armory check..

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    Requesting an armory check..

    Not really having any problems just tell me if you see anything i could change to be more efficient or a slight improvement http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...uzad&cn=Elyina i know 25 man dreamwalker ring is better but damn thing wont drop..

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    Ony 25 or TOGC Valk ring > until Devirums. At least in the base package.

    Unless you need the hit (you don't) even Clutch of Fort is better for physical damage fights (magic damage throw this one in for more stamina)

    The Saurfang 10 bracers, normal or heroic are better too for your base build.

    In both cases it's because of the extra armor > stamina on your current pieces. You'll take less damage making you easier to heal AND your EH will be higher meaning you can take more physical damage without heals. Of course you'll also be carrying around a set and a half of tank gear if you go down the path of building a magic set and a 'base' set.

    The math
    Current Bracers have +31 sta over 251 (normal) version of Deathbringer's drop.
    The 251 bracers have 529 more armor than your current bracers.
    31 stamina compared to 529/11 = 48 'stamina' through armor.

    Abom's has 46 more stamina than Clutch but clutch has 560 armor which is equivalent to 560/11 = 51 stamina

    Other than that, just overall jealous of your gear
    An introduction into WarTanking (no longer updated as I've retired from WoW - the concepts will still be mostly accurate but the numbers no longer will be.) - http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...101-The-Primer

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    Booming Voice is really a waste of two talent points. You could use those two points, and a glyph slot for Shield Wall.

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    Glyph of blocking - if your after threat devastate is better, i wont provide math since i dont have the correct numbers atm. If your after more mitigation would you be better served by Glyph of shield wall + imp disciplines?

    Possibly expertise/stam gem/s in helm or belt should bring you to 18 and with the rhino wrymsteak 26 expertise ?
    This could just me, but i hate seeing dodge pop up it infuriates me.

    I'm sure they are on your list but Boots from dreamwalker or RS boots perhaps?
    Armor Rings mentioned by Loganisis for mitigation.

    Hope this helps, even though you really dont need to change anything.

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    I know the 277 shoulders are shiny. But the higher budgeted items / armour budgeted items would have been a better investment.

    Armour to gloves instead of stam.

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