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Thread: Protection paladin help

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    Protection paladin help


    I'm a prot paladin, and recently I noticed that when I'm raiding I seem to have some trouble with threat generation, especially early in a fight.

    Could someone help me with advice? Should I change my spec? Or maybe my weapon enchant? (been thinking about that since my current one isn't.. stunning ) Or swap some stamina gems for threat generation? Thanks in advance

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    Reader's digest: Fix spec, don't gem parry. Glyph Seal of Vengence/Corruption. Chants on weapon and gloves need changing. There are many, many, many threads here asking the exact same thing. With the same answers.
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    You're missing a very good threat talent in Crusade, and have extraneous fluff in Prot which you do not need. This is the cookie cutter spec, with the final major glyph slot being Righteous Defense, Judgement or Hammer of the Righteous (not recommended; does nothing for you on bosses where it matters).

    Rotation: what's your totation? 99.99% (my made-up number has increased in the past few weeks) of threat issues are caused by an incorrect or inefficient rotation. What order, in detail, do you use your abilities in? "I do 969" isn't overly helpful, because there are loads of people who think they're doing a 969 but aren't.

    And check the other threads of people having the same issues - it might be insightful.

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