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Thread: Blood DK tank, trying new spec.

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    Blood DK tank, trying new spec.

    I've been using the 53/8/10 spec for ages, and I wanted to know whether the talent Frigid Dreadplate would be better or comparable to Will of the Necropolis.

    Here's my current spec: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-ta...Noxiye&group=2 - I realise there's room for improvement even if Frigid Dreadplate turns out to be superior to Will of the Necropolis, if you see room for changes, please do tell.

    edit: the options I see would be to change some Glacier Rot for some more in Blood + Heart Strike or even removing Glacier Rot and Epidemic to get both WotN and FD. Thoughts? (example; how this would impact threat etc.)
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    You're giving up too many crucial threat talents for a mere 3% avoidance. And that avoidance is not superior to WotN in any way (WotN is not random, it is always there).

    I suppose you could try grabbing both the 3% avoidance and WotN, if you're content to be 100% reliant on rogues and hunters for threat. I wouldn't suggest it though.

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