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Thread: Fury Warrior looking for ways to improve

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    Fury Warrior looking for ways to improve

    Hi Guys,

    I have previously posted my profile on this forum asking for help on my dps and I have had some great feedback in the past and it has definitely improved my dps since then.

    I am now pretty well geared up and am running some of the ICC raids with my guild. I average at around 10 - 12K on trash & and range from 8 - 10K on single target in ICC.

    The only thing is I often hear from other fury warriors in other guilds on our realm that with my gear I should be pulling much more at around 12 - 14K just on single target.

    Therefore, I wouldn't mind having a second opinion about my stats, gems & spec and where I may make some changes to see an improvement.

    In general I follow the below rotation which is :
    WW - BT - Slam (if it procs) - BT then repeat and I use Heroic Strike or Cleave whenever my rage is over 50% and I do not appear to have rage issues.

    I wanted to gem all the way for Armor Pen but I still haven't got the DBW trinket so I was waiting for that.

    Any suggestions you may have would be more than welcome!


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    8-10k sounds about right for your gear and single target.

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