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Thread: Improving DPS on Putricide and Sindragosa

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    Improving DPS on Putricide and Sindragosa

    It seems that fights where I am required to move a lot are hindering my DPS drastically to the point where I am sitting near the bottom of the meter. Granted I am also using 264 T10 and regular ICC gear while everyone else above me has 277 level gear in my guild, so I am possibly the lowest geared DPS in the guild. Still, I should be doing more then 8.7k on Putricide and Sindragosa in 25 man (regular or heroic) so any suggestions as to what I could be doing to improve my DPS would be great. I think my gear is fine and decent enough for 25 heroic ICC since I am sitting at almost a 6100 gear score but there seems to be something off about my DPS on those kinds of bosses. I can hit 12 or 13k on Saurfang and 10k no problem on Festergut, but most other fights my DPS drops because of movement and I need to find a way to improve it.

    I have read that the Libram of Valiance would help my DPS on fights with lots of target switching, and I think this might be the cause of my DPS loss.

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    Re: Improving DPS on Putricide and Sindragosa

    Worst bosses for paladins. Your seal stacks will fall of all the time in those encounters and because of that you will loose a lot of damage. Try moving intelligent on prof so that you can get a swing in before that happens. Try resetting just before the grip so that you won't he gripped and can get a swing in before reset on Sindra.


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