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Thread: Best target for Hysteria

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    I remember back in the days where ManBear would call for Hysteria and we had a rotation set on him.

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    lol I personally hate getting Hysteria'd or Tricks of the trade, despite being a Fury Warrior. I find it kinda lame when I find out I only topped the meter because my DPS was amp'd by an outside source. Not exactly fair to the guys below me

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    As a hunter, only about 20% of your damage (hunter damage only, pet excluded) is magical. All your Steady shots and Aimed shots benefit from Hysterial, which in terms increases your Piercing shots damage. So I'd value hunters as 3rd, after druids and warriors, but before all the rest. Naturally, I am speaking about a decently geared (read ArP stacking) MM hunter here. At lower gear levels or a different specs, the situation changes significantly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satorri View Post
    Yes, and in 232+ gear it is not hard at all to reach that point.
    Quiet frankly I only use Arcane Shot when I move (almost every fight) or the target is going to die in the next 1 or 2 sec (in hopes that i can dish out that little more dmg haha).

    Imo the priority should be sorta like this:

    Feral Cat (100% + CD stacking), War (100% but Deathwish might get in the way), Blood DK(90% Hys Stacking), Hunter(70-80%), Frost DK(70% CD stacking), Rogue(60-70% and Usually Trix getting in the way), Ret(60-70%).

    The above (%) are rough estimates from my memory of Dmg that is Physical. Even if Hysteria cant be stacked now, 90% far outstrips the other classes.
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    Aye, and for Fury Warriors you can stack it strategically since you're using Deathwish as an active CD. Arms Warriors (for the ones still out there) have less luck since they only get half value over their always-on enrage (Wrecking Crew).

    I'd also put Combat Rogues where you put them, and Assassin Rogues and Enhance Shamans with Retadins or lower.
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