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Thread: How to level up as a resto druid in Northrend and what gears to get when 80?

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    How to level up as a resto druid in Northrend and what gears to get when 80?

    I am sorry for posting again..but I think I hadn't made myself clear on the first one. I was asking that

    1. how I should level as a resto druid between 70~80, when I had Dual spec , and my secondary spec is balance. What gears to pick up.

    2. What crafted pieces I should get when I freshly ding 80. I am not wanting to heal normal dungeons, but wanting to just skp towards to heroics and triumph emblem farming. I currently have lots of primordial saronites saved up and about 4k gold. It doesn't have to be very good..I just want myself to be to appropriate for heroic.

    Thank you in advance, and again, sorry for posting again.

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    Hey Lyok,

    1. dont level through questing if want to stay as resto. I'd recommend you either stay resto and lvl through dungeons or use your boomkin spec for questing

    2. boots and bracers I tend to go for. wait till you get to 80 then ask a leather worker with ICC recipes to link. HOWEVER, dont rule out normal dungeon runs completely as you can still get fairly good gear in ToC, FoS, PoS and HoR normal (HoR normal will actually drop a pair of nice boots for you if you cant craft some straight away).

    it wont take you long but try not to cut corners especiallys with the ICC normal dungeons.

    Have fun

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