So I change my ui pretty frequently (every couple of days or so) - nothing too much, little pieces.. Was hoping to get some feedback as to additional things I may add or things I may slowly take out.

Main addons are: ShadowedUnitFrames, Bartender4, OmniCC, SatrinasBuffFrames, Omen, Skada, Classtimers, Power Auras, Prat, MSBT, ICDmon, Carbonite

Right above ICDmon is Slam procs in the center, Hysteria to the left, ToTT to the right and Bloodlust right above it. I have incoming damage/heals over my frame, damage out over the enemies. I have skada/omen the exact same size as prat on each side for symmetry and classtimers under the particular unit frame to show buffs/debuffs of my choosing.

Some say it is very cluttered and could be better, so I was hoping for some feedback!