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Thread: Roll Initiative Tools - Top DPS, CompareBot, and Raid Achievements

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    Roll Initiative Tools - Top DPS, CompareBot, and Raid Achievements

    New expansion, new guild, updated tools! These were previously known as Kamigami Tools but I've moved to a new guild and have made sure everything is fairly up-to-date with Cataclysm (aside from the URL which will get updated at some point).

    World of Logs Top DPS Charts - http://www.stratfu.com/kamigami/

    This tool pulls all top DPS/HPS numbers from the World of Logs ranking pages from the last 2 weeks, averages results for each spec, and puts them side by side for each fight. Take a look at how classes compare and/or what your class is capable of.

    A future update will allow charting over time to see how specs handle buffs/nerfs and gear scaling.

    World of Logs CompareBot - http://www.stratfu.com/kamigami/comparebot/

    CompareBot can do a bunch of useful things:

    - Compare 2-3 players to figure out why one did better than another.
    - Get a full report on a wipe or a full raid night to see who was standing in fire or which one of your raider's actually gets the most Unchained Magics on Sindragosa.
    - Compare yourself to the best in the world to see what you're doing right/wrong.

    This tool originally started out as a way to get a quick comparison of two parses since World of Logs doesn't have that feature built-in. I've continued adding to it over time to get quick reports to figure out both what I can do to play better as well as figure out what consistent problems my raiders might be having on various fights.

    Player Raid Achievements - http://www.stratfu.com/kamigami/achievements/

    Get a quick view of a character's raid experience by pulling their raid achievements and presenting them in a totally sweet color-coded table. Patch dates are used to determine whether someone finished content "on time" or got it at a later date.

    This tool was created out of laziness when I got tired of checking through tons of achievements for trials and trying to figure out when they got a particular raid kill.


    I'm always looking for new ideas to implement or bug reports. Please leave comments or contact me via the tools site if you have any rants, raves, suggestions, or find bugs!

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    Is it possible to specifiy a european realm for Player Raid Achievements?

    Ok it appears you can search european severs by typing EU-Servername.

    Would it be possible to display data for multiple people, say for all the members of my guild?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Winkle View Post
    Would it be possible to display data for multiple people, say for all the members of my guild?
    Hmm, it's possible but it would be a little tricky.

    - Probably would need a cap of how many players to show (probably no more than 30 or maybe 40 - requires a lot of hits to the armory for each character).

    - Probably would want a way to determine which guild ranks to show (i.e., only show raider rank and up so it doesn't pull data for random alts).

    - I'm not sure how you want to see the information. Repeat the table display over and over down the page, one table for each character? Or a big mega-table that expands way out or down without the full patch information or partial completion?

    I'll keep it in mind but it'll almost certainly be on the back burner for a while.

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