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Thread: Something is wrong.. can't figure it out..

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    Something is wrong.. can't figure it out..

    Ok the issue is this.. 5.9k gs yet not putting out the damage I should. Avoiding mechanics not being the issue this is when standing still blasting away. Without blowing cd's I can maybe hit 4.4 to 4.7kdps Full cd burn I can pull top damage and dps..


    I do not know what is broken. I've tweaked and messed with everything I can.. read all I could and just want to do the best I can for my guild.

    Every bit of information to help me help my guild would be appreciated! Thank you all so very much!!

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    Ok, you have to much hit and not enough haste. You have 20% hit from gear, arcane talents give you another 6% hit. This means your rocking out 26% hit. And with only 795 haste is low, really low.

    The main issue i see with your current gear is your attempting to gear for both fire and arcane at the same time, and this is hurting both specs. In the end you will have gear that is a trade off between fire and arcane itemization, and thus trade off your dps between fire and arcane itemization.
    TLDR: Dump hit get haste.

    If you decided to go more arcane then fire try to get your hands on:
    Legs of Woven Death or Kilt of Untreated Wounds over your sanc legs
    Abyssal Rune over your 264 trinket, or a DFO
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    I'm sure you've realized but you're way over hit cap. Those itemization points that are in +hit on all that gear are points that aren't going into stats that are more beneficial. I'm sure you've been told you're low on haste for someone at your gear level, which is probably why you're gemming for it. The reason you're low on haste is you have many items with +hit and +crit, and no +haste. For example your off hand is http://www.wowhead.com/item=50781 , which has crit and hit. The hit is useless to you, as hit above cap does nothing. So you could "upgrade" to the shriveled heart from HoR Heroic http://www.wowhead.com/item=50309. This would lose you 57 hit (again not doing a thing for you) and 16 spell power, but you'd gain 50 haste rating, making it overall gain.

    Same goes for that misguided quill trinket. All that hit is a complete waste, making the only benefit you get from it the "on use" ability, which is a bad reason to wear it. The abyssal rune (ToC 5 man normal) would be a dps upgrade over that trink and give you some haste which is actually useful to you.

    I don't mean this to be insulting, but it looks like you're gearing for a high GS number. You need to realize that just because an item has a high item level, doesn't make it an upgrade. That trinket being a prime example, sure it's 264 ilvl, but for you it's still a dps loss over a 200 iLVL trink from a non-heroic.

    You should generally weight stats like this Hit(until capped)>Spell power>Haste>Crit, keeping in mind that hit goes from the most valuable stat to worthless once you're capped. You should always match SP socket bonuses, gemming Runed for reds, Reckless for yellow, and Purified for blue. IF the bonus is anything but SP, gem pure SP. Your JC gems should be +SP, not +haste.

    That takes care of gearing/gemming. What spec are you specifically having DPS issues with? Or is it both?

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    Thank you very much! Yes I realize that hit was way over hit and yeah that was for fire offspec. thank goodness I don't de or sell off any gear and have it all in my bank so I'll be switching out for the lower gear to help bring the dps back up!!

    Going to give this a try and again thank you all so much!!!

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