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Thread: Just got a dk to 80 and i am looking for advice on how to get the best dps out of him

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    Just got a dk to 80 and i am looking for advice on how to get the best dps out of him

    I just got a dk to 80, i want to get my dk to do some good dps, problem is, i dont know much of anything about dk's, can you answer these questions and give me some good advice to help me learn how to play a dps dk.

    1. What do DK's need to gem, and like my warrior, do they need to try to get whatever i am gemming up to the cap.

    2. Is there a good dps spreadsheet i can download from someplace that may help me?

    3. Does anyone know a good dk dps build for either blood or unholy, and if you do, do you know what rotation i need to do?

    And i would rly love and advice you could give me, or anything else you may want to tell me or help me with that involves my dk.

    I just got my dk to 80 so he does not have full epics yet, here is the armory link.


    And my rotation is, plague strike, heart strike, heart strike, Death strike,rinse and repeat.

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    OK first and foremost DK's need to gem strength and more strength unless they are tanking. Dk's get two attack power for every strength. Second the only enchant is Rune of the fallen crusader, use it only unless u are tanking. Hit cap is important, and expertise is important. 26 expertise cap, and 8% is the hit cap unless you are a dranei then it is 7 because u get one % from racial. The old standby blood spec is the 51/0/20, and for you in the gear u are in the 17/0/54 for unholy. If you are going to go blood then the rotation is Plague strike, icy touch, heart strike x2, death strike, death coil dump, death strike, heart strike x4, death coil dump rinse and repeat. The unholy rotation is plague strike, icy touch, blood strike, scourge strike, blood strike, scourge strike, death coil(to dump runic power) horn of winter rinse and repeat. You can go to Krenian's sticky on here Death Knight Raid DPS Compendium (FR/BL/UH), or this one for some of the answers you are seeking Unholy Death Knight guide 3.3.5. Both are good and the second one is geared to unholy dk's but krenian covers all the specs and is the original and is the best.

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    According to the armory u have no glyphs that is a no no. For blood 51/0/20 the glyphs are Major: Death strike, dark death an dancing rune weapon, minors :horn of winter, pestilence, and raise dead. For the unholy 17/0/54 spec major: ghoul, icy touch, and dark death although you can substitue these depending on which ones u wan to have for majors unholy blight and bone armor, the minors: are pretty much the same horn of winter, ghoul, and pestilence. Hope this helps.
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    I was reading this over and realized people have failed to mention anything about Frost spec dps. I perfer it personaly over both blood and unholy. Imo I think its worth a try.

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    With a baby blood DK you end up gemming alot of armor pen. As a general guide starting out it's strength to 5000AP then change to ArP and get 722 ArP and get NES (http://www.wowhead.com/item=50198) when it procs it's 678 Arp takes you to the 1400 cap.

    RAWR annoys me because it doesn't carry the arp gemming for DK's as a standard template you have to custom add it and it never remembers it even though after you add the template it selects Arp 50-75% of time.
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