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Thread: Power Auras

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    Power Auras

    I have power auras configured to show when scorch wears off. Unfortunately it shows I need to constantly refresh it if there is a warlock in the group. Is there a way to configure it to only show scorch when there is no warlock buff or do you need to just turn that one off if there is a warlock in the raid/group?

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    A) a Demology or Afflication warlock and keep up the 5% crit far better then a fire mage via Imp Shadow Bolt. So attempting to refresh scorch in between there shadow bolts is a huge dps gimp.

    B) Not that I know of. But here is a handy addon that will track all mage procs, and debuffs. It also comes with a stat monitor so you can make sure the 5% crit is being given... by somebody.
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