Our strict-10 progression team has achieved 6/12 ICC HM so
far, raiding only 6 hours/week (Fri & Sat nights). We are
looking to expand our roster to inclue an Arcane Mage who is
interested in being a permanent part of a stable and mature raid
team, as well as part of a sane* and social guild. (* what from
the outside is called, "Role-playing," or so we are told.)

Extensive raiding experience and top-level gear are all well and
good, but we find compatiblility to be far more important. Any
new member should fit well into the fold of team as well as the
guild, where we are all responsible, kind, respecting folk who
work together to achieve our goals.

A few comments about us being a 'sane' guild
(again, what others call "Role-playing"):
We require only adherence to consistency with the world we work,
fight and play in. Speech, personal history, actions, and all
other aspects of one's deportment should be consistent with the
history and culture of Azeroth, and worlds linked to it.

Our Sanctuary can be entered here:
The progression team is named, "The Edge of Light," and
applications are generally expected to be received there.
We raid Fridays from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. and Saturdays from 9 p.m.
to midnight. We are currently keeping the majority of our focus
on heroic progression inside Icecrown Citadel and Ruby Sanctum,
but set aside time for achievements just for fun as well.
Our strict-10 rankings can be viewed here.

The guild is approaching its second anniversary, and many on the
progression team have raided together for even longer. We'd be
delighted to welcome someone who will be part of us for two more
and beyond.

Questions about the progression raid team can be directed to:

Questions about the guild:

Questions about other raiding team(s):

Light shine upon us all...
(Arbiter of Lights Edge)