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Thread: P2/P3 25HM Halion Survivability Issues

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    P2/P3 25HM Halion Survivability Issues

    I've been tanking P2/P3 on Halion ever since we started attempts. I have no problems with cutters, or anything silly like that. Our issue is I am dying, constantly. We use a cooldown rotation on the cutters, starting with my glyphed last stand, a priest CD, then two pally CDs, then my CDs again. I don't know if it's healers playing poorly, or RNG with parry haste. The guild is talking about getting a paladin tank to replace me for the fight, and it has me somewhat at a loss. I've tried so many different combonations of armor gear, full sta, lots of expertise, and I don't know what to do anymore.


    That is my latest gear build I used.

    Any advice from anyone would be fantastic.

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    We need some more information. Specifically, what's killing you? Do you drop first, or is half the raid dead? Can you post a log parse? What's the overall raid comp look like?

    Double the cutters on Heroic, or the extra snare effects, might be wreaking a bit of havoc with the healers and the raid in general.

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    I'm being killed usually after the cutters (when the assigned cooldown falls off), or being killed instantly from a parry and melee hit in .2 of a second. I'm normally the first person to die. We run 8 healers, but we want to run 7. We have 1 shaman, 3 paladins (one of which stays up top with the P1 tank during P2) 2 druids, and 2 offspec priests. We've had attempts with various combo-nations of all the above mentioned classes. It fluctuates depending on the night. I don't have any logs, our logkeeper hasn't uploaded any of our wipes.

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    Is this heroic or reg?
    RNGesus - Saving you unreliably since BC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kierkan View Post
    I'm being killed usually after the cutters (when the assigned cooldown falls off)
    This may be healer issue. They get "used" to the damage intake profile on you during the CD's and they begin focusing on the raid. I'd announce 3-4 seconds on voice com that the cooldown are going to stop and to focus healing on you (similar issue: think tank switches in HC 25 festergut, if the second tank silently switches and the healers are not aware...potential for ouch).

    or being killed instantly from a parry and melee hit in .2 of a second. I'm normally the first person to die.
    You are indeed a bit low on expertize, you said you did try a expertize set (but in that case i bet your EHP went down) with the same results.

    Things you can try on your end (which i bet you are already doing/done/tried them, but still...), keep your current gear and use:

    1. Indestructible potions, 1 eaten just before the fight, one after the pot CD resets
    2. expertize food
    3. expertise elixir+armor elixir

    Other things:
    1 switch the corroded key trinket with the organ from PP10-HC (there should be np keeping the buff up, and on top of that you get yummy
    armor to soften those nasty hastened melee hits)
    2. Hunt for the tank neck from Rotface 25-HC, it is a very good one

    Log wise:
    See what killed you, and make a count of your received damage from last 10 seconds before death.

    Put them into 2 categories:
    1. magic damage
    2. physical damage

    see what gets higher %, if the majority is magic damge, gear for more stamina/resists. If more physical damage, gear for armor/expertize.

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