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Thread: Just got back from a long break,

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    Just got back from a long break,

    Hello people of Tankspot =)

    I just got back from a long break of WoW. I think i quit right around when Uludar came out. So its pretty much been a year since ive played.

    As you can imagine, my gear a weapons are pretty much obsolete at this point and time. Plus i got hacked while i was away and lost alot of my tank gear and other stuff.

    Link to my Armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...n=Onyx%C3%ACan

    Ive been farming badges to triumph to get some of the Hellscream stuff but i don't want to farm badges forever

    What instances should i be looking at for getting some new gear?

    And by the way, whats with all this gamer score talk. Is this something new Blizz has put into the game?

    Thanks for reading!

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    It's not gamer score, its gear score. Its a derivative number based on ilevel of your gear + enchants + gems, or something like that. Its pretty absurd really.

    Farming badges will loom large in your future, I'm afraid. Hit the new LK/ToC heroics and look into some of the crafted items that are available. The ilvl 264 stuff is probably pretty spendy yet, but you can get the ToC era crafteds for a reasonable price these days.

    Epic gems are also now avaiable to make more out of what you already have.
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    The three new ICC instances:
    Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, Halls of Reflection
    The ToC instance:
    Trail of the Champion

    Farming badges sucks, I won't even beat around the bush... And sadly its something that just has to be done to get into end game content atm. You can pick Tyrannical Behader in Pit of Saron off the last boss, its a pretty decent starting fury weapon (oh and fury has past up arms in dps, generally)
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    Gear score does NOT take into account gems or enchants. it's purely based on the gear's ilvl.

    It's a very loose way of deciding which level of content a player is up to.

    It's quite possible to have a very high gearscore but still have no idea which gear is appropriate or how to gem and enchant it.

    Bring the player, not the toon and its gear.

    I'll give you an example. My warrior is currently wearing some ilvl 251 hunter boots. They have some nice dps stats, like arp, attack power and the like. I scored them because there were no enhance shammies or hunters in the group at the time, and they were going to be disenchanted anyway. I had some 226 crafted uldaur boots at the time. These hunter boots were a clear upgrade for my fury set, so my insightful loot master let me have them. I have, in the past, been refused such gear on the basis 'LOL int for fury warrior = fail'. Yes, that's true. Fury warriors don't need int, and plate dps boots would be a better choice. Assuming I got some to drop, and I won the roll.

    Here is an example of where gear score is deceptive. My 251 boots were indeed an upgrade, have inflated my gearscore to make it seem I'm better geared, but it isn't ideal.
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    I think some variants of gear score like Wow-heroes.com does include gems. Mind you, I'm not advocating gear score. I think its like one of the plagues of Pharaoh, wrought upon the game for our AVR related sins!

    I can't wait to compile a set of 277 cloth so I can respond to requests for tanks with 5.5kgs minimum requirements with my cloth gear, enchanted and gemmed for SP (for my thunderclap set, of course)

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    Hey again,

    Rather than making a new thread somewhere else, i figured i would post back here.

    What do you guys think of my gear right now?


    I'm still trying to get rid of my naxx stuff ( or well most of it) but i'm not quite sure what i should be looking for to replace it.

    Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!!

    I haven't got into ICC 10 or 25 yet. Im going to apply to a guild later on hoping they accept me >.<.

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