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Thread: DK Tank need help for ICC 10

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    DK Tank need help for ICC 10

    hello every one
    i need some help with my tank
    I gear my char till this http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...dhoof&cn=Ophen

    but i dont know what to do els expect getting the 245 IR for helmet and shoulder piece
    also i got two tanking spec's both are blood maybe you get some thoughs about it ore what is the best in your oppinion tell me pls

    tis is to prepare for getting me to ICC.
    tell me what you think i should do and how to get there thnx for your time

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    OK save up your frost emblems for the Corroded Skeleton Key which is BiS and should replace the DPS trinket you currently have, also farm ToC 5 Normal for The Black Heart.

    IF your gearing for ICC EH is best for it so gemming for socket bonuses is not the way to go, Gem striaght Stamina gems except for your gloves, keep that one in for the Meta gem activation.
    Also change your cloak enchant and chest enchant to defense ones to make up for the drop in defence you will get from regemming.

    Your spec has also taken unecessary points in Sudden Doom which is a DPS talent and relocate to another place my current DK's spec and glyphs are here http://www.wowhead.com/talent#jMEMqI...xhxZ0gh:doi0mM

    Also if you want to have a look at him http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...gn=Searing+Sun

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    I disagree. The frost badge cloak is a better purchase in the immediate term.

    In the case of the skeleton key, you can 'borrow' it from the vendor and then sell it back before 2 hours are up, never costing you the emblems.

    The rest of the advice is solid.

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