Recently, I started a group to go back and get ULDUAR Drakes on 25 for people as well as myself on 25. We're up to Mimiron and I'm starting to draft an idea for how I want to handle Mimiron 25 HM. I could use some help by myself this is what I've come up with so far

Phase 1: No need to kite him around the room because fire is a non factor on hard mode at this point due to heals/dps.

Casters spread in 2 locations near door and near the button

Phase Transition: Go to a corner and kite the fire.

Phase 2: Same as normal other then to be careful for the frost bomb which is in my opinion more deadly then anything else in the encounter.

Phase Transition much as the last transition.

Phase 3: Have the melee bring the head down blow up the head and push him into phase 4.

Phase 4: Range Head/Middle, Melee: Mid, bottom.

Collect Achievement and go to General Vezax.