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Thread: Ret Paladin How do I get my dps up!?

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    Ret Paladin How do I get my dps up!?

    I don't know how to get my dps up, I can only do 3k on a raid boss.
    I've look at about 10 threads to see if I can get my dps up.
    But none of them helped me get my dps up.
    I use this rotation for single target
    Judgment> Exorcism> CS> DS> Cons> CS
    CS> DS> Cons> Judgment> CS> Exorcism
    for multi targets
    This is my armory char link

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    Those rotations are no good. You don't want different rotations for packs and single targets.
    Judgement>CS>DS>Cons>Exo is the priority set you should follow. When the mob is under 20%, insert hammer of wrath between Judgement and CS. If you have 2p t10, swap DS and CS.

    Now, what I found made my dps better are the following things.
    • You are a dpser - don't care too much about other things. It's not your job to heal or save anyone.
    • Dpsing is best done motionless - ever step you take lowers your dps.
    • Standing just out of melee range is far too easy, so don't.
    • Practice. Go stand behind a dummy and have at it - that priority system isn't gonna come by itself.
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    410 hit rating is no good. You need 263 to cap your melee abilities (230 if you can rely on a spacegoat aura), so lose the hit trinket.

    You also have a lot of unenchanted gear. Get proper enchants, including the rep ones for your helm and shoulders.

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    Gems and enchants would help. Currently most of your items don't have either.
    Apart from that, your gear actually looks OK at first glance. Always room for upgrades. Your hit is high.
    I couldn't load your talents from my mobile browser, but check your talent spec against one of the cookie cutter specs from Elitist Jerks or so.

    But, yes, rotation is everything. If you're having trouble following the FCFS rotation ret pallies use, you can try an addon like CLCret, which gives you a nice heads-up-display of what ability you need to be casting right now, and which one is coming up next.

    I'm not sure if you're a keyboard user or clicker, but I would highly recommend going the keyboard route. You can put your abilities on the 1..5 keys and, commit them to muscle memory (5-10 minutes on a training dummy will go a long way), and then get used to spamming the next button before it comes up. Get it right, and you'll see a big improvement.

    For ret DPS, my testing method is basically: Get out of combat. Reset recount. Ensure aura/blessing/seals are up, and that you have 100% mana. Run in, pop wings (right away; normally you'd wait 15 sec or so for SoV ramp up). DPS hard until wings JUST come off cooldown, then immediately look at your meter. (DPS will decrease after that as your DoTs wear off. Ignore that. The first number you see (at the end of 2 min) is the most accurate one.) Stop, get out of combat, mana up, repeat. This gives pretty consistent results from one test to the next (once you become consistent with the rotation, that is!).

    Then you start optimizing. Do that 3-4 times with method a) then switch something up and try it 3-4 times with method b).

    I see you've killed Noth, Razuvious, and XT. Those are more or less tank-n-spank fights, so at least you're not losing DPS from moving around much.

    TL;DR: Enchants, gems, rotation, rotation, rotation. (And check talents.)

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    Just to add to what a couple have said, NES isn't a great ret trinket, if you have the gold to spend going for DMC: greatness (the str one) would be a dps increase, or if you are starting to run icc 10 i guess you could hope for the trinket off lady deathwhisper to drop and then hope to win it

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    Start saving Frost badges for T10 peices. The 4 piece T9 bonus is one the weakest set bonuses in the game.

    For your single target rotation; Judge > CS > DS > Cons > Exo You can probably experiment with swapping CS and DS around. Once you get 2 pc T10 DS always goes ahead of CS. I don't think you're quite at the gear level where HoW starts dropping in value. It can get inserted anywhere when the mob is below 20%

    And for multi-mob pulls, Cons > DS > Whatever you feel like.

    Gem and enchant your gear. By my count, you're missing about 7 gems/enchants. If you are a raider, see if you can get into a party with a Draenei. If so, you can swap out both your +hit gems.
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