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Thread: Rogue pvp questions!

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    Rogue pvp questions!

    Alright, so I finally decided to level my rogue to 80. Feeling like me ol' rogue-y self again, I decided to transfer back to a pvp server. I just got my first 2 pvp set items since BC (gloves and pants) and have spec'd into shadowdance after watching a cool video about it. I just have a few questions about pvp with a rogue nowadays.

    First set is: Shadowdance or Mutilate/Sub spec? I haven't tried the mutilate pvp spec yet, but my dps is crazy hax with it in pve. The only weapons I have so far are my two slow daggers and I managed to pick up a couple of the axes from FoS, though unsure if I should use them since they are slow. Shadowdance, at the moment, seems a bit overwhelming to me. I don't know the rotation (if there is one) and I always seem to be forgetting to click certain buttons (like keeping slice and dice up or rupturing). I always seem to have too many combo points up and not using them, but perhaps I'm just rusty.

    Second: Rotations! I'd like to know what kind of rotations you use for these specs or the spec you may use. What should I open with? Follow through with? I suppose it all depends on the class you're facing... But I'd still appreciate knowing where to start.

    Third: Why can't I post an avatar picture on here? "Remote file uploads have been disabled."

    Fourth: Not really a question, but I do despise how much resilence matters now in pvp and how it's near impossible for me to do any damage at all it seems. (Aside from the occasional one to two-shotting raid gear squishies... heh)

    I didn't see a guide for de rogues on here and I've tried searching the forums for posts already, but they have all been inconclusive. If these questions have already been answered, please redirect me.

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    First: Right now it's Mutilate/Envenom but Shadowdance is getting a huge buff tomorrow in 3.3.3 and it will very likely become a valuable spec as well.
    Second: I don't know Shadowdance but as Mutilate you mostly spam mutilate and at 4-5 combo point you Envenom for the great 6k+ crits on plate.
    Third: Only donors can have avatars
    Fourth: Well, as a rogue you're squishy enough as it is, fighting against multiple opponents like a mage or something is very hard so I'd get at least 800 to 900 resilience. After you reach those numbers deck yourself out in PVE gear for extra damage.

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    Ill start off saying that its been a while since I've pvped on my rogue. But I do pvp a lot these days (on my warrior), and I can give you what little info I do know.

    First: I think it really depends on your personal goals. For Arena and BG's I think the population of rogues is somewhere in the 90%+ are Mutilate/Prep spec. This means daggers are the choice or weapons and i believe (could be wrong on this one) that fast is the way to go.

    Second: I know next to nothing about the rogue pvp rotation...lots of stuns and mutilates, if more than 2 players in range spam fan of knives?

    Third: Dont ask Me.

    Fourth: With resilience being stacked so high these days especially on healers, a lot of dps pvpers have switched to using atleast a couple pieces of pve tier gear for extra damage. It really depends on your class and if you are the one being focused. Walking into a match if you are the target of four players, then stacking resilience is the way to go. Resilence also works better for bgs, because you rarely see a situation where you are on equal ground. Being that i run arenas with a priest in threes, he is almost always the intial focus this opens the dpsers up to killing faster without the worry of being targeted. Both me and the dk i run with are only 600 resilience with half our gear being pve.

    Hope what little info i put here helps. Good Luck

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    I Love Sub spec on my rogue, respecced it in 3.3.3 and it was a huge burst dps upgrade from the standard Mut/sub hybrid builds everyone was using. First off, that ambush can 1 shot a semi-undergeared clothie if you crit i usually prep, shadowstep, ambush, backstab, kidney shot, shadow dance, and spam ambush, in arenas that works great for me and completely throws off the healer because they're gone in a blink of an eye

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    1: Go Mut, I find that Shadowstep requires a lot more skill coordination to work in arena, and unless your team is double dps your dmg will go to shit after shadowdance runs out. If you want to do Bg's go Shadowstep, it's far easier to get those killing blows and is just more fun in general.

    2: It's hard to explain here. Duel a lot and you should start getting a nack of things. I reccomend just hanging around infront of orgimar or ironforge, don't be afraid to lose, it's just you learning. Watch pvp rogue videos as well. warcraftmovies.com has a good collection. Roguerogue.com has a great library of videos/blog entries as well.

    4. I'd say go all out pvp gear, unless you do ICC on your rogue your better off sticking with PVP gear. Relentless gear can be gotten without every going into a arena and is far better then most pre ICC pve gear. Rogues aren't warriors, dmg isn't our probably, survivability is.
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    1-Slow Mh with wound-Fast OH-deadly poison if you are mut to get the envenoms up as high as you can, personally i find muti>sub because at higher ratings people will have over 30% damage reduction even as a clothy. muti also hits relies more on poisons which negates armor dmg reduction than sub

    2-muti would generally be CS->muti->disarm->envenom->2x muti->KS-> stack points and evas/feint while keeping up muti and envenom, vanish and repeat. generally that is what you do but you have to be able to adjust for blinks, IB, trinkets and such

    3-dont know

    4-to start you might be wanting around 700+, when you reach like 1200 rating you will want about 1000+ resil, at 1800 (depending on partner) you will want about 1100-1200 resil (i have 1100ish with a mage as my partner)

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    I swear by my mut/sub spec. Its what I have always used for PvP. As to rotations and such, its easer to just adust to what class your fighting and what trinkets/CDs they use. But looks like you already have some good info here.

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