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Thread: Sanctified Token...what to get...

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    Sanctified Token...what to get...

    Hey all,

    So a funny thing happened last night in ICC 25...first we get someone who had Kingslayer and the heroic shoulders dropped, which I won...then Saurfang was finally kind enough to drop a paladin token (first time in nearly 4 months of trying), which I won...so now comes the fun part...

    Do I A) Upgrade the Helmet to Sanctified to go with the Sanctified gloves I received from VoA 25?
    B) Buy the t10 chest and upgrade that from cataclysmic, still leaving me at 3 pieces
    C) Something else :P?

    In other words, how wonderful is that 4pc T10 bonus? I wasn't the biggest fan of it when I got the legs (and the bonus) before making my pillars...thanks for all replies!

    BTW: Here is my armory link for convenience, thanks again!

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    There's really no reason for a Prot Paladin to use 4 pieces of T10. You guys got shafted on set bonuses :-(

    Go ahead and upgrade your helm, it's a nice upgrade for you (much more so than any of the other slots).

    You also shouldn't be gemming to socket bonuses, and definitely shouldn't be using a dodge trinket. I'm hesitant to give you the full armory check though because people get mad when they don't ask for one :-P

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