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Thread: Prot Paladin Hit Rating

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    the problem i find with the 9696 rotation is that my highest threat moves r HotR & SoR sometimes just to stay ahead of a very checky dps that just wants to make ur life miserable & push you all the way xD, you need to keep that 20 / 30 k threat ahead & u have to hit SoR & HotR together this also happens alot during starting the fight, dps wanna jump right in all guns blazing u need to pop the best threat stuff u have & then get into rotation xD, im not saying u will have the same issue but again ive had fights where a dps has crept up on me & ive had to change mid rotation to cover it it happens.
    i know i might sound like a noob, but in my guild on kazzak the dps out gear me by a fair bit & sometimes i need to use this methods just to stay ahead not all the time tho .

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    Would you be willing to post the code you used to generate those text files, Lukahna? I'm curious to see how lazy I've gotten lately, and some of the statistical outputs of your script are more interesting than you can get just looking at the WoL expression editor.
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