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Thread: Trying to get back into it...

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    Trying to get back into it...

    I have been out of the game for a bit but have decent experience I have played since 2006.
    Basically I am stuck... seem to do OK tanking random heroics but I just cant get into raids to progress...
    here is a link to my armory
    any advice on gear or tactics is greatly appreciated. I'm using a pretty standard skill rotation.

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    You make a few bad gearing decisions, but they're easily fixable. First replace your ring without defense with Clutch of Fortification, and then your armor trinket with Glyph of Indomitability. Run reg ToC 5-man for Black Heart to replace your other trinket, and then go through your gems and replace them all with +30 stam (except for what you need to remain uncrittable by raid bosses). If you have issues with expertise, try eating expertise food rather than gemming it, that way you don't lose EH.

    When you get enough Frosts, the cloak would be a nice upgrade for you.

    Your spec and glyphs are solid though. Consider replacing one of your glyphs with Shield Wall for the more versatile cooldown, but that can easily wait if you're worried about threat as a starting raider.

    Once you replace your trinkets and gems, you'd be ready for ICC in my opinion. Wouldn't hurt to go after the reg HoR shield but it's not 100% crucial, especially since there's a better one off lolootship 10.

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    Nothing really wrong with what you are doing. Main issue is there has been a large gear reset for each tier of content and you are behind.
    I'd be trying to get into TOC10 & 25 and making sure i'm getting my 19 frost badges a week (assuming you have zero access to ICC10 or 25).
    Start trying to put together 10 mans for ICC10, with the buff you have plenty of gear for the first wing at least. Key is to put it together and lead
    it yourself and not rely on someone else "approving" of your gear to let you in.
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